Inertial Sensors

Accelerometers for structural health monitoring

For assessing the structural integrity of Bridges, Tunnels, Dams and other formations and machines.

Resolution is the most important performance requirement for the sensors used for structural health monitoring applications. Damages in structures appear as tiny variations at first but will amplify with the aging of the structure. Our accelerometers will reveal failures at a very early stage, thus accomplishing high-performance monitoring of critical structures. This allows for a significant optimization in its maintenance planning and, consequently, reduces the operation costs.

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High accuracy, low noise and excellent reliability. That is what our accelerometers can guarantee in action for structural health monitoring!

Progressive deterioration of civil infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, aircrafts, ships, and trains can lead to catastrophic failures and present a threat to public safety. During the last few years there has been an increased interest in studying and predicting the failure of such structures by instrumenting them with numerous sensors and collecting data on their response to stresses and vibrations. Such an approach is the basis of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) technology. SHM is applied to predict and monitor the ongoing safety of a wide range of critical structures.

Our AI-Q-21XX Series can provide tactical grade and navigation performance for SHM, due to its analogue voltage output, excellent long-term repeatability, and compact design. The AI-Q-21XX Series is an optimal solution as it is also a form, fit and function replacement for other quartz servo accelerometers currently available on the market.

Navigation & Tactical Grade Accelerometers

Structural Health Monitoring