Application Note

Offshore Winches

Our Offshore Slip Rings are designed to work in extreme harsh environment. The slip ring are in use in both Top side and Submerged operation, and in a wide range of application as ROV, Oceanographic, Seismic, Research vessels and other maritime industries. The slip rings are configurable in a wide range of circuits and optical configurations, depending on your applications requirements.

Our offshore slip ring can also be fully customized according to your requirement of installation, environment and electrical circuits.

By using our standardized technology and the knowledge from our industrial side, we can tailor the product to fit your requirements.

Our slip rings are designed with fiber brushes, these brushes has great advantages towards composite coal brushes, with a Service free lifetime of over 80 000 000 revolution, without dust or debris inside the slip ring, that need to be cleaned.

We combine the latest power signal brush technology technology, PCB design and thermal dissipation management to design slip rings that are highly efficient and reliable.

Our slip ring can be design with a wide range of electrical circuits, depending on your application, 10-100A Rings, or slip ring for research vessel with a voltage up to 10 000 V.

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