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High Pressure Rotary Joints

Deep sea projects will be even easier with our reliable high pressure products!

Our subsea products allow relative rotation between equipment/reel and pipe/hose to maintain proper angular positioning during installation, therefore reducing installation time and eliminating bending moments to prevent equipment / pipe damage as subsea equipment is lowered to the sea floor. Committed to the ever-changing challenges of subsea investigation development, we've made significant and ongoing investments including capacity manufacturing and custom pressure and load test equipment for testing products.

Our team at Penlink uses the most advanced tools to create, debug, maintain and support our customers in the most transparent, agile and effective way.


In our rotary joints the electrical power and signal passes  provides superior performance and reliability in demanding operational environments. It can pass through high voltage and high current, customized to meet customer specific needs. The rotary joint solutions can be oil filled for operations down to 6000 meters, including up to 8-channels of fibre optic. And maintenance free! 

We also have solutions for topside!


Worldwide, subsea equipment and operators count on our performance for a wide range of solutions. We build upon our experience from applications including top drive hydraulic swivels, coiled tubing reel swivels, cement tool swivels, subsea flow line swivels and many other specialized high pressure swivel applications. We have complete quality control, our swivels are designed, manufactured and qualified to the highest standards Suitable for: Christmas Tree Connections, Gooseneck Connections, PLET, PLEM FSHR and In-Line Connections.

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