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Magnetic Encoders

Heavy duty encoder for harsh environment and applications.

We at Penlink have the possibility to offer you the best when it comes to encoders for challenging environments. With years of experience we are the team that can help you finding the right encoder for your application.  Our heavy duty encoders are used in a wide range of industries, for example: Paper Mills, Metals productions and processing, Oil & Gas, Wind Power, Cranes and Hoists, Mining and Wood Processing.

We also have the knowledge to integrate other components together with the encoder  to satisfied your needs.


Our magnetic encoders are perfect fit for heavy duty applications. They are bearingless and are installed direct on the shaft of the motor/application.

The wide gap magnetic reader, allow both heavy vibrations and the magnetic reader, works even if oil, dirt or mud enter into the encoder. Only to clean with water.


With the help of our suppliers we can integrate solutions customized for your application needs. This way we can create better and more reliable products and solutions. Get in touch with us to learn more about your possibilities when working with Penlink!

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