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Our application note showcases our products in relevant context to make it easier for you to understand why our products are the best on the market. Not only do we offer standard solution, we have modified and customized solutions for you to order.

Application Note

PAN & TILT Technology

We have a wide range of state of the art products that will fit your PAN & TILT requirements! Pan-tilt-zoom cameras can be an essential part of modern surveillance systems. They can direct the attention to suspicious events.

That’s why it’s important for us to provide you with  high quality components for your project. Our partners offers a wide range of products that we can help you integrate. Drives, motors, encoders, slip rings, cameras, INS systems and much more! Please get in touch with our team!


Our team at Penlink uses the most advanced tools to create, debug, maintain and support our customers in the most transparent, agile and effective way.


Penlink has got an extensive range of low-light cameras. They offer  high frame rate, wide dynamic range. Offered in sensor technologies such as sCMOS with large pixel pitch, SWIR and EMCCD. All our cameras can be delivered bespoke with the output desired. 

We can also integrate lenses and transmission cards. 


Our drives includes high performance - high power density and powerful control software for most motor technologies including servo motors (DC brush and brushless), microstepping, and step motors. Advanced features include field buses (CANopen, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP), sinusoidal commutation, field oriented control, advanced PID filters and much more.


Extensive range of electric motors from a few Watts to more than 200 kW. These motors are intended to fit on-board aerospace, defence and other demanding environments. They are available as a LRU (housed) or frameless that can be integrated by the customer.

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