Oil & Gas

Top Drive

We provide reliable fluid sealing and transfer solutions for hydraulic and abrasive service required by today’s demanding top drive drilling applications. We provide rotary union for water cooled motors...

Marine & Offshore

Marine Survey

The ongoing quest for new oil and gas reserves has continually forced offshore petroleum exploration companies to drill in deeper and deeper water. Recovering oil from these extreme depths presents technical challenges to traditional surface production methods. Consequently, the development and installation of subsea product equipment is becoming increasingly important for the economic recovery of these reserves...

Defense & Surveillance


We provide wide range of solutions for gyro-stabilised electro-optical gimbals. From rotary joints (electrical, fiber optical), encoders, gyro, accelerometers, ruggedized cameras (SWIR, EMCCD, sCMOS), drives and motors. 

Did you know we have the rotary transmission solution for high bandwidth? Get in touch to know more!

Mobile Application


Penlink offers solutions that handles high shock and vibration, perfect for mobile applications and harsh environments. We supply both Hydraulic and electrical swivels. Our custom made electrical slip rings offer a wide range of power and data signals  (CAN Bus, DeviceNET, Ethernet, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and other protocols on request)...

Factory Automation


The new generation Flowpack machines must combine flexibility and reduced costs; we can offer solutions for these systems together with Penlink's sister companies. By providing a complete package, from HMI and PLC to the servomotors based on EtherCAT Fieldbus.

We provide solutions for the rotary transmission such as encoders and electrical slip rings! Our wide assortments of drives can also help you with the motion control! Get in touch to know more!


Collaborative Robot

Collaborative robots have been around since the 1990s, but in recent years advancements in sensors and automation technology, not to mention artificial intelligence, have raised their profile quite substantially...

Aerospace & Space

Spacecraft & Satellite

We provide fluid sealing solutions for aerospace applications.

Withstanding extreme temperature cycles, excessive vibration and g-forces, DSTI provides government and commercial aerospace manufacturers with capability-driven fluid rotary unions, custom tailored to integrate within air and space-based platforms.

Renewable Energy

Wind Power

Today's leading wind turbine manufacturers demand reliable, high-performance components capable of operating continuously in the toughest environments, often in remote locations, where maintenance is difficult and cost-intensive.

Application Notes