Underwater Operations

We offer a wide range of components for ROV's

Penlink has long experience delivering products for the marine and offshore industries. Together with our partners, we can help our customers streamline existing solutions and assist them with the design, planning and new installation of complex overall solutions.

Our focus is to deliver quality in everything we do – from the communication, customer service, to our design process. It's important for us to be dedicated, innovative and to value customer satisfaction and let’s not forget, being open for improvements.

We offer complete solutions for your Underwater Operations

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Electrical Encoders

Our electrical encoders are designed with a larger hollow shaft and a building height of only 10 mm, making them ideal to install inside subsea motors and tools. The units are also suitable to submerge in oil.

Our encoders can also be used for Torque measure of a shaft. Normally accuracy is <0.015° and a resolution of 17-20 bits. For more information about encoder solutions for your ROV, get in touch with us.

Media Cards with Optical Control

Penlink offers a full range of media cards for control of the submerged ROVs. We have a range of standardized media cards that fulfills the most common usage, and by using a CWDM multiple cards can be stacked. Our standard PC104 Media card has a combination of Video, Ethernet and serial communication. This reliable card has been tested in extreme environmental and vibration.

We can also offer to design and manufacture a media card with your specifications. For more information about the possibilities get in touch with us and we will tell you more.

Slip Rings to handle power, data & singals without tear

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On Deck Slip Rings

Our rotary joints can be customized to transfer all your needs for electrical power and optical ore regular data, for controlling the ROV top side. Both in the winch reeling the ROV down and on deck in rotation of the crane. Due to the rotary joints nature it is possible to transfer data, power, fiber optics, media and more in a circular motion without any tear of the cables.

Whether you need a full 360° rotation or need to relieve tension from the cables a rotary joint is an excellent solution. Together with our suppliers, we have the possibilities to deliver a cost-efficient solutions for your ROV system. We can equip our rotary joints with internal heaters to reduce condensation and air purging. Standard model can be equipped with 1-12 optical channels. Mechanical flanges and hose fittings/glands can be selected according to your requirements.

Tactical Grade Gyroscope

Our gyroscopes are built with coriolis technology to deliver true tactical grade performance in a small, lightweight package. With an improved angular random walk, excellent short-term bias stability and north finders capacity, our gyroscopes are a perfect fit for underwater operations.

The gyroscopes are available in both analog or digital versions, and can be delivered unboxed or within a housing. For more information about the gyroscopes get in touch with us and we can tell you more about this component.

Navigation Grade Accelerometers

The accelerometers are built with quartz flexure technology to deliver accurate navigational grade performance.

With enhanced bias stability, improved scale factor and greater axis misalignment, our accelerometers are a perfect fit for maritime automated vehicles and other demanding applications to take your through your operations. For more information about our accelerometers and their specifications please get in touch with us and we can tell you more.

Camera and Servo components to maneuver and see in the deep ocean

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CMOS Nocturne and HAWK 216

EMCCDs employ a unique architecture that enables the device to greatly amplify (>1000 times) the number of resulting electrons produced by the incident light. This feature gives the EMCCD a far superior advantage over existing CCD technology in low light conditions.

NOCTURN is a rugged low-light camera module that features high-definition resolution, high sensitivity and high dynamic range with low power consumption. It has large pixels in order to harvest as much light as possible.

These camera solutions are great in underwater applications and offer visuals in extremely dark conditions such as the deep sea. Since they can operate without external light the imaging gets clearer as no particles get reflected by the light. This enables a smooth operations to study for example fish health or the sea landscape.

Motor Kits and Complete Actuators

We have an extensive range of electric motors, ranging from a few Watts to more than 200 kW in power. These motors are intended to fit on-board applications that operates in demanding environments, like in the deep sea. They are available as a LRU (housed), or frameless that can be integrated by the customer.

If you are interested in a complete solution we can also supply complete actuators for your ROV system. Get in touch with us for more information about the set up or technical data. We work hard to deliver the best solution for your project.