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Vores applikationsnotat viser vores produkter i relevant sammenhæng for at gøre det lettere for dig at forstå, hvorfor vores produkter er de bedste på markedet. Ikke kun tilbyder vi standardløsning, vi har ændrede og tilpassede løsninger, som du kan bestille.


North Finding

The INL-CVG-GU200 is a two-axis gyro Unit, CVG based (Coriolis Vibratory Gyros), currently in full series production in Dublin for the stabilisation control market.

However, given the short-term bias stability observed on some samples under Lab conditions, the INNALABS’ CVG core technology could also be a pertinent candidate for the True North-Finder (TNF) market.

In order to clarify that point, the following test protocol has been carried out on 3 serial products. Serial numbers (GU200): SN 126, 179, 180. With test equipment, Actidyn-Climats with temperature set-point of 25 °C ± 0.5 °C. And gyro Unit ON over 1 hr. Followed by a Gyro Unit OFF over 5 min. Followed by a Gyro Unit power on. Data-collection engaged at that point. With set-up of analogue low-pass filter (0.2 Hz) applied on GU outputs X and Y. Sampling period of 2.5 sec. END for data-collection 8 hr later.

Based on the data collected and by considering TNF operated through the carouseling method, the second part of this document provides an estima-tion of the gyro bias errors.

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