Collaborative Robot

Collaborative robots will advance quality precision and injection molding to a new level!

Penlink can provide a complete turnkey solution or critical turnkey components to ensure safe and accurate motion such as; electrical slip rings and pneumatic swivels for continuous 360° free movement, high accuracy encoders, kit-motors, rotary actuators and drives.

Several of our sister companies within Addtech focus on this industry and we can together as a team offer a complete solution for your collaborative robot!

We use the most advanced tools to create, debug, maintain and support our customers in the most transparent, agile and effective way.


Collaborative robots have been around since the 1990s, but in recent years advancements in sensors and automation technology, not to mention artificial intelligence, have raised their profile quite substantially. Enabling automating tasks within pick and place, injection molding, quality inspection, assembly, packaging, palletizing.

  • Components ensuring no interruption of safety features  
  • Low profile and high accuracy encoders
  • Small slip rings high reliability and large power transfer
  • Integrated rotary transmission solutions electrical and pneumatic
  • Intelligent and highly customizable drives
  • Kit-motors with high power to weight ratio

Rotary unions are engineered to endure a wide range of temperatures and pressures for a variety of conditions and environments. In addition, rotary unions may integrate multiple passages and handle different types of fluid simultaneously. This swivel is one of our standard design which offers corrosion resistant, low heat generation, increased seal life performance and much more.


Thanks to the latest advancements in micro and precise drive technology together with high-performance bus technology, we can provide light weight customized servo drives that enables that new sensitive gripper hands can be developed with small footprint. Their modular design allows to connect the main control board to three different power stage boards. The drive supports several feedbacks and offers industrial networking.


Penlink has the capability to provide the services of integrated components.  These integrated solutions can be designed based on a sketch or an idea from the customer. We implement different technologies to fulfil our customer’s requirement. It can be servo-, camera, rotary joint-based solutions. Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions!

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