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004 SCS Serie Rotary Unions

With the help of our partner we can deliver standard and customized Rotary Unions to our customers. This Rotary Union is one of our standard models. The single passage SCS Series rotary unions feature hygienic, tri-clamp ferrule connections, food grade seals and bearing lubricant, and a FDA-approved design for use with CIP (Clean-in-Place) systems. 

To help minimize fluid stagnation points, smooth flow lines are engineered into the design to allow a clear passage for fluid. Specialized bearings fit inside a sealed chamber to keep lubricants in and contaminants out.

  • Hygienic Clamp Ferrule Connections
  • FDA Compliant Materials For Use With CIP (Clean-in-Place) Systems
  • Food Grade Seals and Bearing Lubricant + Engineered to Minimize Fluid Stagnation Points
  • 316 Stainless Steel Shaft and Housing
  • ASME-BPE & DIN 32676 Connections Available

004 SCS Serie Rotary Unions

Produkt data

  • Pressure

    < 15 Bar

  • Speed

    < 75 rpm

  • Media Type

    Air/Gas, Chemical, DI/Tap Water, Food-Grade, Water/Glycol

  • Material

    Stainless Steel

  • Through Bore


  • No. of Passages


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