Planacon Photon Detector

The Planacon™ family of products are square-shaped MCP-PMTs designed to capture fast timing events such as those found in single photon counting applications.

  • Specialized Medical Imaging
  • Cherenkov – RICH, TOF, TOP, DIRC
  • High Energy Physics Detectors
  • Homeland Security


Planacons provide superior immunity to magnetic influence, down to 2T, while providing high quality images. Planacon brings all the high speed, single photon counting features of a traditionally round MCP-PMT while providing a square sensor, allowing multiple sensors to be tiled together to image large areas.

Plancons can be ordered in two sizes, 53mm2 and 27mm2 with a choice of photocathodes to optimize your spectral requirements. Larger Planacons are ideal for use in high energy physics applications to monitor and measure photon activity over a large area.  Miniature Planacons can be used in medical devices such as PET scan units. Planacons are also radiation hardened, making them useful in space exploration.

We now also offer a high voltage resistive divider network as a safe way to power your Planacon detector and avoid mis-wiring. The schematic corresponds to the recommended voltage divider in the Planacon datasheet. We use only high quality components, heavily overspecified on high voltage ratings, and the exposed contacts potted in a high voltage grade compound. You can power it through a standard SHV connector (at the far end), while the connection with the Planacon goes through a 5-pin Lemo high voltage connector (visible in front).

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Did you know?

Our Partner also manufactures Planacon, a square-shaped MCP-PMT which can be tiled together to acquire a larger image. Miniature Planacons are also available for medical imaging applications, such as PET scanning.