Inertial Sensors

Stabilize your platform with our 3-axis Gyro

Today's advanced systems demand the best in performance and reliability in platform stabilization. Our range of high-performance inertial sensors provides critical inertial reference data essential for a variety of the most environmental challenged applications.

Adapting a sensing system from a fixed mounted use to mobile use requires consideration of several criteria such as vibration and stabilization. Our high-performance tactical grade CVG gyroscopes with their excellent stability, low noise and the highest mean time before failure (MTBF) on the market, offer an ideal solution for all your stabilization needs.

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High accuracy, low noise and excellent reliability. That is what our gyroscopes can guarantee in action for any demanding application!

Numerous factors may affect stabilization accuracy which can be external to the gyroscope, for example, shock and vibration due to the system recoil and electromagnetic interference; or internal, such as noise or bias drift levels of the sensor. While all of the above requirements are important for these types of systems, it is also necessary to keep in mind price versus performance.

There are several different technologies that can be used for the development of gyroscopes for stabilization applications. MEMS gyroscopes offer a small form factor and a low price, however, in comparison with our gyroscopes, they typically exhibit higher bias over temperature and high noise. This tends to make MEMS unsuitable for high accuracy applications. They are also less tolerant to the shock and vibrations environments which are encountered in offshore applications.


The 2000 Family of Gyroscopes are a <10°/hr range of tactical gyroscopes. The A2321D is a 3-axis digital output gyro supplied in a rectangular rugged and well enclosed housing, able to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

The GI-CVG-A2321D with a digital output is a great choice for static and mobile platform applications. The tactical performance, very low noise and high MTBF, combined with its compact design make this gyroscope the ideal for offshore environments where shock and vibration occurs.

Solid-state Coriolis Vibrating Gyros are based on the control of standing waves in a physical body, called a resonator which is housed within a protective case. The protective case which contains the resonator is called a Sensitive Element (SE), and there is one such SE per axis in all CVG gyroscopes.

The oscillations in the resonator are generated and detected by piezo-electric actuators, which are attached to the base of the resonator. A closed-loop electronic system is used to control the standing wave oscillation in the resonator, and to null the effects of Coriolis forces induced by the rotation of the resonator, providing as output a signal which is proportional to the gyroscope angular rate.

This electromechanical system is key to the very low output noise, and facilitates the large dynamic range required in several demanding applications.

The GI-CVG-A2321D is particularly suited to the following applications:

  • Platform Stabilization of optical systems and payloads, or other sensitive systems on Airborne, Land-based or Marine platforms.
  • Stabilization of Pointing and Directional systems
  • Active Heave Compensation Applications.
  • Rail measurement and rail-tilt compensation systems.
Parameter Value
Input Rate Measurement Limit +/-160°/s
Operating Temperature Range [-46°C;85°C]
Bandwidth (90° Phase) >130Hz
Bandwidth (10° Phase) >15Hz
Bandwidth (-3dB) >200Hz
SF Range (Full range, all effects) +/-3%
Bias Offset +/-30°/h
Bias Repeatability ON/OFF +/- 1°/h
Bias Stability (Full temperature range) <10°/h sigma
Noise Spectral Density [1-100Hz] ≤ 0.01 °/s RMS
Axis Misalignment 8mrad
Turn On Time 1 sec
Warm Up Time 10 sec
Built-in Self-test YES
Built-in Self-test – Failure Detection Rate >75%
Output Signal Format RS422 Asynchronous
Output Signal Definition 18 bits
Output Signal Update Rate 2KHz
Output Signal Baud Rate 1 MBaud
Connector (13 pins) 8D7C11Z35PA
Power Supply 28V (12…36V)
Power Consumption ≤ 6W
Operating Life without Maintenance 17 years
MTBF (per MIL-HDBK-217-F) 500000h
Weight ≤ 1.3kg
Envelope 107*107*68mm