Custom Solutions

Rotary Unions for Industrial Applications

We provide fluid sealing solutions for factory and industrial automation applications. Our rotary unions (joints) deliver the precision, speed, and reliability needed for today’s manufacturing, processing, and packaging automation systems. Developed for pneumatics, hydraulics, and other media services, we offer standard in-stock and custom products with options for integrating electrical slip rings to provide a complete fluid-electrical solution.

Our advanced, proven sealing technology and in-house capabilities deliver robust solutions that reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and decrease risk for some of the world's most unforgiving environments and mission-critical applications.

Rotary Union for Industrial Robots & Material Handling

Features includes large input port on the shaft that feeds multiple outputs for supplying vacuum to various stations


Our cost-effective, lightweight, and reliable fluid rotary unions reduce maintenance costs and improve efficiency and safety for material handling operations. Our fluid sealing experts work directly with customers to develop rotary union solutions to meet the exact requirements of each robotic handling application.

Single passage rotary union designed for high volume vacuum service for an automation application. Features include a large input port on the shaft that feeds multiple outputs for supplying vacuum to various stations on the dial plate.


Technical Specifications

  • # of Passages: 1 Passage
  • Passage Size: 2.000" [50.80 mm] & Over
  • Rotation Speed (RPM): 0 - 24 RPM
  • Pressure (PSI): Vacuum
  • Media: Gas
  • Material: Carbon / Alloy Steel
  • Thru Bore: None
  • Environment: Indoor

Rotary Union for Rotary Tables & Work Holding Systems

Heavy duty component capable of handling the 2,000 lbs axial load requirements


Reliable supply and flow control of hydraulics and pneumatics is critical for clamping operations. We offer high-precision rotary union solutions for continuous flow and rotary timing valve solutions for controlling flow to meet the exact fluid, operating pressure, speed, and the space requirements of each unique workholding application.

8-passage rotary union designed to supply shop air to multiple stations on an indexing/assembly table. Features include a custom design shaft and housing flanges, an Ethernet slip ring and heavy duty construction capable of handling the 2,000 lbs axial load requirements.


Technical Specifications

  • # of Passages: 8 - 12 Passages
  • Passage Size: 0.500" - 0.749" [12.70 mm - 19.02 mm]
  • Rotation Speed (RPM): 0 - 24 RPM
  • Pressure (PSI): 0 - 199 PSI [0 - 14 BAR]
  • Media: Gas
  • Material: Carbon / Alloy Steel
  • Thru Bore: Under 1" [25.4 mm]
  • Environment: Indoor
  • Options: Load Bearing
  • Options: Slip Ring

Engineering & Simulation

Our development partners engineering team leverages years of experience and a deep knowledge of engineering disciplines to provide fast, innovative design solutions. We can design product models & drawings using Solidworks 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD), simulate fluid (Either Liquid or Gas) flow & pressure computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and much more thanks to our partner!

Project Management

With extensive experience in managing the planning, monitoring, closing and documentation control of large, complex products, we works closely with customers to ensure all aspects of the project are running smoothly. We understand that a project's success is highly dependent on the activities that take place before the project, as much as during and afterwards.

Testing & Qualification

All products are assembled and tested by our partner's team of trained technicians using custom designed testing equipment and test procedures. For instance we can offer detailed testing procedures & data reports with documentation records, performance verification testing (PVT), custom-tailored product installation & rebuild documentation, and much more.

Inspection & Quality

Becuase our partner is a part of a highly-developed, temperature-controlled quality lab, we can utilizes multiple contact CMM systems to provide accurate and precise measurements that meet the highest industrial quality standards. Whether you are in the defense, energy or other industrial markets, the performance of your product is paramount to your (and our) success.