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We strive to become even larger within our business, to provide you with the very best on todays market. Penlinks main focus lays on reliability, cost-effectiveness and high quality in our services, making sure that we meet and exceed your expectations.

LEO – Low Earth Orbit

The GI-CVG-N2103A GYRO  is built with Coriolis technology to deliver accurate tactical grade performance in a small, lightweight package. With an improved Angular Random Walk and an excellent short-term bias stability, the GI-CVG-N2103A is a perfect fit for demanding Space Application.

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  • Small packaging
  • Analogue interface
  • Outstanding Short-term Stability
  • Excellent Angular Random Walk
  • Very High MTBF
  • Environmentally rugged
  • Long Life

Spacecraft & Satellite

We provide fluid sealing solutions for aerospace applications.

Withstanding extreme temperature cycles, excessive vibration and g-forces, DSTI provides government and commercial aerospace manufacturers with capability-driven fluid rotary unions, custom tailored to integrate within air and space-based platforms.



  • Spacecraft & Satellite Robotics
  • Space-Based Solar Power Systems

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Space-based Solar Power Systems

Our partner DSTI's compact and low Earth orbit environment compatible fluid rotary union products are qualified and life-tested to each project's specifications utilizing sealing technology optimized for high performance and low wear.

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  • Designed For Low Torque Across Entire Pressure Range
  • Designed For Sour Service In Accordance With NACE MR0175
  • Pressure & Load Tested To Verify Optimum Performance
  • Exclusive DSTI High Pressure Dual Sealing Technology


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Solar Cell Power Inspection


Our partner DSTI provide reliable fluid sealing and transfer solutions today’s demanding space applications.

2 passage rotary union designed for a space-based solar power panel mounted on an orbiting satellite. Features include a custom compact design for integration into customer equipment and specialized seal materials to meet strict pressure integrity requirements for the application's environment.

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  • Propulsion Systems
  • Propulsion Subsystems/Manifolds
  • Chemical Thrusters
  • Cold Gas Thrusters
  • Propellant Tanks
  • Valves
  • Regulators


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