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Eagle XO X-Ray

Introducing a high energy version one of the most sensitive CCD cameras in the World. Using back-illuminated 1MP and 4MP CCD sensors from e2v, and putting into Raptor’s proprietary PentaVac vacuum enclosure and cooling it to a delta of greater than -110°C, the Eagle XO is an open front detector with a range of flanges available.

Eagle XO X-Ray

Technical specifications

  • Sensor

    E2V CCD42-40 Back Illuminated, AIMO

  • Resolution

    2048 × 2048 pixels

  • Pixel Size

    13.5μm × 13.5μm

  • Spectral Response

    1.2eV to 20KeV

  • Power Supply

    12V DC ±10%

  • Data Interface


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