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Kestrel EMCCD

The digital Kestrel EMCCD camera is based on e2v’s CCD-60 back-thinned 1/3″ sensor. It combines high sensitivity, speed and resolution. with QE up to 95%. It has strong response from UV through to NIR. With EM gain on it offers less than 0.01 electrons read noise. It uses a 16 bit A/D converter and offers a standard CameraLink output. At 500fps in full resolution, it offers some of the fastest and most sensitive speeds available on the market.

Ultra low noise readout with THE FASTEST speeds, 500 frames per second – Full resolution speed making it the fastest EMCCD on the market. It has 128 x 128 Back-thinned EMCCD sensor which enables optimum image resolution in low light imaging applications, 16 bit CameraLink output ultimate for realtime imaging for low latency photon to digital image, Up to 95% QE from back-illuminated sensor,  Strong UV and NIR reponse and ultrawide bandwidth (from 180nm through to 1100nm) and Deep cooled to -95°C for minimal background events.

Kestrel EMCCD

Technical specifications

  • Frame rate

    Up to 346Hz

  • Spectral range


  • Pixel size

    8µm x 8µm

  • Resolution

    320 × 256

  • Color type


  • Output Format


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