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OWL 640 VIS-SWIR Digital

The OWL SW1.7 CL-640 is a rugged, high sensitivity digital VIS-SWIR camera. Using a 640 x 512 InGaAs sensor from SCD the OWL enables high sensitivity imaging from 0.4µm to 1.7µm. The 15µm x 15µm pixel pitch enables highest resolution VIS-SWIR image and with less than 50 electrons readout noise the OWL 640 enables the highest VIS-SWIR detection limit.

Available with a CameraLink output, the OWL 640 will run at up to 120Hz, enabling high speed digital video with intelligent auto AGC. This new feature On-board Automated Gain Control (AGC) will enable clear video in all light conditions.

The OWL 640 VIS-SWIR Digital has 15µm x 15µm pixel pitch which enables highest resolution VIS-SWIR image, has < 50 electrons readout noise that makes the highest VIS-SWIR detection limit, have Digital output (CameraLink),  on-board Automated Gain Control (AGC) that enables clear video in all light conditions, on-board intelligent 3 point NUC, ultra compact, Low power (< 5W) that is Ideal for hand-held, mobile or airborne systems and rugged, No fan which enables integration any Electro-Optic system.

OWL 640 VIS-SWIR Digital

Technical specifications

  • Frame rate

    Up to 346Hz

  • Spectral range


  • Pixel size

    8µm x 8µm

  • Resolution

    320 × 256

  • Color type


  • Output Format


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