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AV125 (SMARTach II™) Magnetic Encoder

AV125 SMARTach II™ heavy mill duty modular magnetic encoders fit 12.5" motor and NEMA brake flanges. Other models, from 115mm to 8.5", are available to fit other motor sizes.

AV125 is ideal for large motor and brake applications where a large diameter through-shaft is needed.  It permits shafts up to 7 7/8" [200mm] to pass through the encoder, facilitating motor-encoder-brake sandwich construction, as well as hollow shafts for water or air cooling systems to pass through the encoder.  Because AV125 is super-reliable and features removable sensors, you can install it in hard-to-access configurations and locations without risk of downtime.

Quite simply, the AV125 is designed to eliminate encoder failures:  All AV125 electronics are fully encapsulated.  There are no moving wearing parts. AV125 sensors locate over 4X farther from the rotor than the competition; no more sensor/rotor grinding!  The AV125’s high-power outputs have over 50X more capacity.  Miswiring an encoder is common – and it shouldn’t cost you time or money. The AV125 has full output short circuit and reverse voltage protection, plus surge protection.

AV125 SMARTach II sensors digitally self-tune the outputs to eliminate drive trips caused by poor encoder signals. AV125 sensors feature unsurpassed diagnostics. If the encoder signal is not ideal, the alarm output and LED inform the machine operator that the encoder should be checked, before a failure occurs! The AV125 even checks the rotor position before you start running!

Forget tiny optical encoders perched precariously behind your large motor or brake. Specify a heavy duty AV125 encoder!

AV125 (SMARTach II™) Magnetic Encoder

Technical specifications

  • Operating Power

    5 - 24 VDC

  • Current

    100mA nom, no load

  • Output Format

    A Quad B with marker (A,A–, B,B – , Z,Z – )

  • Frequency Range

    250 kHz Max, 45 kHz Max

  • Speed

    5000 RPM Max.

  • Environmental

    IP67 (Fully Encapsulated)

  • Up to 7.88" [200mm] Shafts
  • Up to 8192 PPR
  • Removable Sensors
  • Wide-Gap Technology, No Air Gap Adjustment Required
  • Mounts Securely to Motor
  • Outputs Fully Short Circuit Protected
  • Self-Diagnostic LED & Alarm Output
  • Sealed Electronics
  • 3 Year No-Hassle Warranty
  • Excellent for Brake Applications

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