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AV32 (Bullseye32™) Magnetic Encoder

Want a super-simple, ultra-reliable OEM encoder?  Bullseye!
Avtron Bullseye32™ (AV32) encoders eliminate the top culprits that cause encoder failures: there are no bearings, no seals, no optics, no glass disks!
And they don't require expensive mounting flanges like other no-bearing encoders.

Bullseye32 mounts in seconds: Tighten the rotor clamp on the shaft, bolt the housing in place, and unlock the patented centering mechanism by removing the red end cap. Top it off with the shaft cap.  It's so simple, we've created a visual instruction sheet (in our documents tab) for installation.

Bullseye32 is protected against dust, dirt and water. Why waste installation time protecting encoders with baskets? How about a Bullseye instead - it's tougher than most "protective baskets"! And Bullseye32 includes complete self-diagnostics, right down to the signal quality and wiring!

Bullseye32 is also electrically tough: in addition to a built-in voltage regulator, Bullseye32 is fully protected from reverse voltage wiring and shorting.

Slash your encoder inventory. No need to stock multiple models: Bullseye32 is fully programmable - set your PPR, direction, and marker pulse.

Bullseye32 is not available to end-users – this is an OEM encoder only. So if you are a motor, drive, or machine-builder OEM, switch to Bullseye32 and find out what a true revolution in encoding can do for you!

AV32 (Bullseye32™) Magnetic Encoder

Technical specifications

  • Operating Power

    5 - 24 VDC

  • Current

    60mA, no load

  • Output Format

    A Quad B with gated marker (A,A–, B,B–, Z,Z– )

  • Frequency Range

    0 to 250 KHz

  • Speed

    6000 RPM Max.

  • Environmental

    IP65 (Electronic Protection)

  • Replaces Hollow Shaft Models Directly
  • No Moving Wearing Parts
  • Universal 5-24V Operation
  • LED & Remote Alarm Diagnostics
  • -40°C to +100°C Operation
  • OEM-Programmable PPR
  • 2 Year No-Hassle Warranty

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