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AV685 (SMARTach II™) Magnetic Encoder

SMARTach II™ Magnetic Encoder, 1 1/8" Hollow Shaft Mount

AV685 hollow shaft encoders survive the worst conditions: dust, dirt, liquid sprays, and temperature extremes from -40°C* to +120°C*!

The dual, replaceable sensors are interchangeable between AV485, AV685, and AV850 and feature high-power outputs that drive long cable lengths easily. These AV5 SMARTach II sensors have the best protection of any encoder—from surges, wiring outputs to power, ground, between phases, or even short circuits!

The green diagnostic LED on the sensors assure you that the encoder is outputting ideal signals—no more false drive trips.

If for any reason, the signal is not ideal, the light turns red, and an alarm contact notifies the operator. However, the AV685 keeps working. This enables maintenance to be scheduled, and unscheduled downtime is eliminated!

The durable hollow shaft design tolerates huge axial movements, and withstands more shaft runout than any other encoder available.

So if you want the highest reliability most durable encoder in your mill, select AV685.

AV685 (SMARTach II™) Magnetic Encoder

Technical specifications

  • Operating Power

    5 - 24 VDC

  • Current

    100mA nom, no load

  • Output Format

    A Quad B with marker (A,A–, B,B – , Z,Z – )

  • Frequency Range

    250 kHz Max, 45 kHz Max

  • Speed

    5400 RPM Max.

  • Environmental

    IP67 (Fully Encapsulated)

  • Severe Mill Duty
  • Up to 5000 PPR
  • Replaces Competitive Models Without Rewiring
  • Self-Diagnostic LED & Alarm
  • Outputs Fully Short Circuit Protected
  • Removable Sensors
  • End of Shaft and Thru Shaft Models Available
  • IP66 Enclosure
  • High-Power Output Standard
  • Optional Dual Isolated Outputs
  • 1 Year No-Hassle Warranty

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