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Brushless Tachometer BC42 and BC46

Replaces GE 5BC42/46/66 Analog Tachogenerators, NEMA 56C Face & Foot Mount

THE Avtron Brushless Upgrade Package with K661 and AV485 encoders replaces old, obsolete GE 5BC42, 5BC46 & 5BC66 analog tachogenerator models. It fits existing bolt patterns: both foot mount and existing motor flanges (NEMA 56C style). Other Avtron model encoders (AV850) are available to eliminate moving, wearing parts and motor flanges completely!

Using the Avtron update package, you will improve the output and speed control accuracy of your machine, while eliminating costly downtime.

Unlike low-quality converters, the Avtron solution is extremely linear and accurate, with no “gearshift” behaviors that can damage your product quality. The output is repeatable to 0.002%!   The K661 offers 50V/1000RPM, 100V/1000RPM and 200V/1000RPM selections to replace all common tach styles.

The brushless upgrade package is simple to install: mount the K661 converter in your drive cabinet, route a new encoder-to-drive shielded twisted pair cable, and mount the Avtron AV485 encoder. There are no changes required to your existing drives.

Keep your analog drives working for years to come, improve reliability, and increase your machine output. Select the Avtron Brushless Upgrade Package today!

Brushless Tachometer BC42 and BC46

Technical specifications

  • Operating Power

    110VAC, 0.25A

  • Current


  • Output Format

    50, 100, or 200V/1000RPM

  • Frequency Range


  • Speed

    5000 RPM Max.

  • Environmental

    IP67 (Fully Encapsulated)

  • Linearity: +/-0.002%
  • Offset: None
  • Reversing Error: Zero
  • Temperature:
    K661: 0°C to -60°C (for cabinet mount)
    AV485: -40°C* to +120°C* (for machine mount)
    AV850: -40°C to +100°C (for machine mount)
  • Direct Replacement for All 5BC42, 5BC46 & 5BC66 Tachogenerators
  • Severe Mill Duty
  • Fits Existing Bolt Patterns
  • No Drive Configuration Changes Required
  • No Brushes, No Maintenance
  • Better Speed Regulation
  • Self-Diagnostic LED and Alarm Output
  • -40C* to +120C* Operation
  • 1 Year No-Hassle Warranty

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