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HS40 Magnetic Encoder


HS40 hollow shaft severe duty magnetic absolute rotary encoders offer unequaled durability.  HS40 features massive bearings and the best shaft sealing system in the industry to keep your process running, through temperature cycling and liquid sprays.  Moreover, the magnetic sensor can see through oil, dust and dirt that disable ordinary optical absolute encoders.  Also available:  solid shaft model (AV30), absolute+incremental combo units (AV45, HS45), as well as optical models (AV6A, HS6A) for ultra-precision applications. 

By utilizing Wiegand wire energy harvesting technology combined with magnetic sensors, Avtron has created an absolute encoder design which requires no batteries, long-term capacitors, glass disks, or gears!  

Unlike other absolute encoders, HS40 allows a full size shaft fit; this allows it to easily fit on both NEMA and IEC frame motors with no special modification needed.  Isolation from shaft currents is standard, and the interchangable bore sizing inserts allow easy modification.

The HS40 features a broad range of industry standard communication protocols:  from analog outputs to CANbus, DeviceNet, J1939 and SSI, you will find the communication protocol you need.

Get the absolutely best hollow shaft encoder available for your positioning application--pick HS40!

HS40 Magnetic Encoder

Technical specifications

  • Operating Power

    [SSI] 5-30 VDC, [Analog V Out] 12-30 VDC, [Analog I Out] 15-30 VDC

  • Current

    [SSI] 30mA @ 24VDC, 125mA @ 5VDC, [Analog V Out] 15mA @ 24V, [Analog I Out] 40mA @ 24V

  • Output Format

    Analog, SSI (future CANOpen, DeviceNet, J1939, Profibus)

  • Frequency Range


  • Speed


  • Environmental


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