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HS45 Magnetic Encoder


Avtron HS45 EU-SMART Encoders are magnetic, hollow shaft, heavy duty encoders (incremental rotary quadrature encoders) for any mounting application including NEMA motors (incl. GE, Marathon, US Motors) and European-style motors such as ABB and Siemens.  Also available:  AV45 solid shaft encoder to fit European B-flanges (85mm), and foot mount applications and severe duty AV685 encoders. 

The HS45 offers clamp-style and (rear) center-bolt mounting options.  Clamp-style fits shafts from 5/8" to 1 1/8" [16mm-30mm]; center-bolt mounting is available for 16mm (straight) and 17mm (cone/taper shaft).  Clamp-style mounting utilizes a convenient field-changable sizing sleeve and provides shaft current isolation.  Center-bolt styles feature insulated ceramic ball bearings to prevent shaft current damage.

The HS45 is designed for use in rough environments with constant exposure to temperature extremes, water, oil, and dirt. Its high-power output circuits with universal 5-24V power are fully protected against surges and wiring errors. The onboard diagnostics warn of any signal quality issues before these problems cause downtime on your machine.

HS45 Magnetic Encoder

Technical specifications

  • Operating Power

    5 - 24 VDC

  • Current

    100mA nom, no load

  • Output Format

    A Quad B with marker (A,A–, B,B – , Z,Z – )

  • Frequency Range

    0 to 165 KHz

  • Speed

    5000 RPM Max.

  • Environmental


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