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M4 Large-Bore Magnetic Encoder

Avtron M4 large bore heavy mill duty magnetic hollow shaft encoders fit motor or load shafts from 1 1/2" to 2 3/8" [48-60mm]. Looking for M4-1 or M4-2 or small-bore M4 models--these have been replaced by AV485 and HS45 upgrade models respectively.  Use our cross reference page for these models

Forget tiny hollow shaft optical units that require shaft reduction and special protection! M4 magnetic heavy duty encoders can accommodate up to a 2 3/8" shaft directly and are designed for use in mill environments with water, oil, moisture, dust, and dirt. 
The M4 magnetic sensor system is far more durable than optical sensors.  M4 encoders offer a large variety of connector and mounting options to replace virtually any existing encoder or tachometer. Upgrade to an M4 encoder for maximum uptime!

M4 Large-Bore Magnetic Encoder

Technical specifications

  • Operating Power

    5 - 24 VDC

  • Current

    120mA per output, no load 24VDC

  • Output Format

    A,A–, B,B–; Optional Marker Z,Z–

  • Frequency Range

    0 to 100 KHz

  • Speed

    5000 RPM Max.

  • Environmental


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