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VLX-0060 Electrical Encoder

The Electric Encoder™ is unique in being holistic, i.e., its output reading is the averaged outcome of the whole area of the rotor , This feature makes the Electric Encoder™ forgiving to mounting tolerances, mechanical wander etc. The absence of components such as ball bearings , flexible couplers, glass disc, light sources and detectors, along with very low power consumption makes the Electric Encoder™ virtually failure free.

The internally shielded, DC operated Electric Encoder™ includes an electric field generator, a field receiver, a sinusoidal shaped dielectric rotor, and processing electronics. The output signals of Electric Encoder™ are analog Sine / Cosine representing the rotation angle. The digital outputs are obtained by further processing - which may be either internal or external to the encoder. 

VLX-0060 Electrical Encoder

Technical specifications

  • Outer Diameter


  • Inner Diameter


  • Resolution

    18 bit

  • Accuracy


  • Material

    FR4 (Stator, Rotor)

  • Supply Voltage

    5V ± 5%

  • Protection


  • Open frame , 2 plates lightweight absolute position rotary encoder
  • Wide bore of 27 mm
  • No bearing or other contact
  • High precision
  • High tolerance to temperature, shock, moisture ,EMI, RFI and magnetic fields

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