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XR12 (SMARTSafe™) Sensor

XR12 SMARTSafe™ modular incremental quadrature encoder sensors enable the world's first hazardous duty rotary encoders with removable electronics.  They are cULus, ATEX and IECEx certified and offer incredibly reliable no-bearing construction!  SMARTSafe sensors can be used in ATEX/IECEx gas and dust and UL gas hazardous environments.  Also available:  hollow shaft models (XR685), shafted models (XR485), no-bearing modular encoders (XR125XR850), and modular sensors for smaller bore applications (XR5).

For Level 2 applications requiring ATEX/IECEx Zone 2 or 22 or cULus Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D use the XR12 directly in your application, with no barrier, isolator or cable gland required.

For Level 1 applications requiring ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 or 21 protection use the XRB1 or XRB2 isolator in your control cabinet which permits the use of intrinsically safe wiring instead of explosion-proof conduit or glands. The XR56 can also be used in UL Class I Div 1 & Zone 0 applications using the XRB2 Isolator.

Unlike the competition, Avtron SMARTSafe encoder systems are protected against short circuits, power-to-output wiring, and output-to-ground faults.

Instead of mounting a tiny optical encoder with weak bearings on a wobbling stub shaft, mount XR12 directly on your machine and install the rotor on your main application or motor shaft.  Vibration, shock, liquids, dust and dirt won't harm SMARTSafe™ XR12 encoders!  Paint booths, draw works, coil tubing rigs...XR12 can keep them all working 24-7-365.

Eliminate the biggest cause of industrial encoder failure--eliminate the bearings with XR12 hazardous duty encoder sensors.

XR12 (SMARTSafe™) Sensor

Technical specifications

  • Operating Power

    5-24VDC in/out

  • Current

    In: 10.6V Out: 150mA, In/Out 150mA, In/Out 150mA

  • Output Format

    A Quad B with marker (A,A–, B,B – , Z,Z – )

  • Frequency Range

    0 to 165 KHz

  • Speed

    6000 RPM Max.

  • Environmental


  • Operating Power: (add cable drive current as req'd)
    Level 1 (XRB1): 12-24VDC in, 10.6V out, 150 mA
    Level 1 (XRB2): 12-24VDC in/out, 150 mA
    Level 2 Protection: 5-24VDC in/out, 150 mA
  • Maximum Cable Length: 
    Level 1: Encoder 500' Isolator 1000'
    Level 2 (5 to 12 VDC in) 500'
    Level 2 (15 to 24 VDC in) 250'
  • Rotor Positioning: +/-0.100" [+/-2.54mm] movement/misalignment
  • Sensor-Rotor Gap: 0.045", +0.015/-0.040" [1.14mm+0.38/-1.0]
  • Certifications:  
    Level 1: ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 & Zone 21 Group IIC
    Level 1: cULus Class I, Division 1 and Zone 0 Group A,B,C,D*
    Level 2: ATEX/IECEx Zone 2 & 22 Group IIC
    Level 2: cULus Class I, Division 2 Group A,B,C,D

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