Inertia Sensors

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In Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems, accelerometers are the primary tool for measuring both gravitational and inertial accelerations and providing the host vehicle with Guidance and Flight-Control parameters in a self- contained manner. Ultimately, the success of the mission highly depends on how well the Strapdown system performs and this is to a large extent determined by the performance capabilities of the accelerometers.


Technical specifications

  • Axis Misalignment

    ≤1,500 μrad

  • Input Range

    ±80 g

  • Intrinsic Noise

    ≤1,500 μg RMS (500-10 kHz)

  • Operating Temp.

    -55 to +105°C

  • Shock

    250 g

  • Vibration Peak Sine


  • Input Voltage

    ±13 to ±28 VDC

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