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The AI-Q-2051 is built with Quartz Flexure technology to deliver true navigational grade performance. It features an internal temperature sensor that allows users to carry out temperature calibration and compensation, enhancing the bias, scale factor and axis misalignment performance over temperature. With an improved analogue voltage output and an excellent long-term repeatability, the AI-Q-2051 is a perfect fit for Flight Control and many demanding Air Applications.


Technical specifications

  • Axis Misalignment

    < |±2000| µrad

  • Input Range

    ±4.5 g

  • Intrinsic Noise

    <7 µg RMS (0-10 Hz)

  • Operating Temp.

    -55 to +95°C

  • Shock

    50 gpeak, 18ms

  • Vibration Peak Sine

    2.5, 20 to 2000 Hz

  • Input Voltage

    ±13 to ±28 VDC

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