Rotary Joints

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001 MJ2 Series (up to 2 channels)

The dual-pass Fiberoptic Rotary Joint (FORJ) connects two independent fiber channels simultaneously. It allows uninterrupted transmission of optical signals while rotating along the common mechanical axis. Princetel's unique patented design provides customers with significant advantage on size, performance, availability, and cost. The device accommodates two standard multimode fibers. Check out our ZJn or MXn series FORJs for two singlemode channels. 

Note: All insertion loss and return loss measurements are performed by joining the FORJ to the light source through fusion splice (without the use of connectors). Insertion loss of all receptacle type of FORJs, such as RST, RFC, and RFCX, are measured with connectors of similar type. Their return loss is not measured.

001 MJ2 Series (up to 2 channels)

Technical specifications

  • Fiber type

    MM w/3 mm cable (Kevlar lined) or armor

  • Wavelength Length

    1310/850 nm or 1310/1550 nm

  • Insertion Loss

    <4 dB/channel 1, <6 dB/channel 2(Premium: <4 dB)

  • Connector

    FC, SC, ST, SMA, or LC

  • Temperature

    Working: -40 to 72°C; Storage: -45 to 75°C

  • IP-Rating

    IP 60 (optional IP65)

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