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002 MicroJx Series (Miniature FORJ)

MJX series Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs) are extremely compact. So small they can even be used in the middle of fluid flows. They are the world's smallest and lightest. They feature very low insertion loss and impressive return loss performance. Model MJXA typically yields return loss figures higher than 60 dB.

The standard packages are dust and water tight for harsh environment applications. They are designed to tolerate both occasional water splash and shallow water (or oil) immersion. These rugged devices can operate under arctic temperature environment (See insertion loss temperature cycling plot on the left).

This model's low static and dynamic torques makes it an ideal choice for low torque applications such as optogenetics. For pigtail-free option consider Princetel's model RFCX, RFC, or RST. In those cases, remember to specify "low torque".

MJX-SAP is specifically designed for OCT (Optical Coherent Tomography) applications. Its mounting scheme is idential to MJP-SAP model FORJ. We offer gear (shown in picture) or pulley as driving mechanism. The receptacle can be SC/APC (shown in picture), FC/APC, or LC/APC.

Note: All insertion loss and return loss measurements are performed by joining the FORJ to the light source through fusion splice (without the use of connectors). Insertion loss of all receptacle type of FORJs, such as RST, RFC, and RFCX, are measured with connectors of similar type. Their return loss is not measured.

002 MicroJx Series (Miniature FORJ)

Technical specifications

  • Fiber type

    Single or multimode w/3 mm jacket (Kevlar/PVC)

  • Wavelength Length

    650-1650 nm

  • Insertion Loss

    <2 dB (typical: <0.5 dB)

  • Connector

    FC, SC, ST, SMA, or LC (and APC finishes)

  • Temperature

    Working: -40 to 85°C; Storage: -50 to 85°C

  • IP-Rating

    IP 68 for all models

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