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002 PJ2 series (up to 2 channels)

Plastic optical fibers (POF) possess a few important characters that make them favorite choices for certain short-distance fiber optic applications. Their large cores allow easy light coupling. Termination can be simplified to quick hot knife cutting or diamond turning. They are bend insensitive and do not fatigue easily.

Princetel's PJ2 series 2-channel FORJ connects two independent fiber channels simultaneously. They are blind-spot free during rotation and are ideal for machine control applications such as SERCOS Interfaces. The rugged design permits underwater usage. Damaged fibers can be easily replaced without costly repairs of the FORJ itself.

Check out our MXn series FORJs for multiple channel and GigaPOF based devices. For single-channel POF FORJs visit our RPT series page.

002 PJ2 series (up to 2 channels)

Technical specifications

  • Fiber type

    PMMA step index, 1 mm core/2 mm jacket

  • Wavelength Length

    650 nm

  • Insertion Loss

    <7 dB/channel 1, <10 dB/channel 2(premium: <7 dB)

  • Connector


  • Temperature

    -20 to 65°C

  • IP-Rating


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