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004 RPC series (Single-channel)

Although both Princetel's MJX and RPT series FORJs can be used under water their pressure ratings are limited (1,000 psi) The RPC series was designed for the ultimate pressure (10,000 psi). Standard units come with stainless steel armored jackets, which can be terminated with ST, FC, or SC connectors or their APC counter parts.

Similar to model RPT, RPC features extremely low insertion loss and high return loss performance for both singlemode and multimode fibers. Model RPCA guarantees 50 dB return loss. These rugged devices can operate under arctic temperature environment (See insertion loss and return loss temperature cycling plots on the left).

Note: All insertion loss and return loss measurements are performed by joining the FORJ to the light source through fusion splice (without the use of connectors). Insertion loss of all receptacle type of FORJs, such as RST, RFC, and RFCX, are measured with connectors of similar type. Their return loss is not measured.

004 RPC series (Single-channel)

Technical specifications

  • Fiber type

    SM or MM, 2.9 mm armored jacket (SS)

  • Wavelength Length

    650-1650 nm

  • Insertion Loss

    <2 dB

  • Connector

    FC, ST, and SC (APC finishes also available)

  • Temperature

    Working: -40 to 85°C; Storage: -50 to 85°C

  • IP-Rating

    None (Shock & Vibration: Telcordia GR1221CORE)

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