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005 MJP Series (Single-channel)

The MJP series FORJs distinguish themselves from other Princetel single-channel FORJs such as the the popular RPT model. Model MJP is not fluid filled. It offers very high return loss performance (>55 or >60 dB). Start up torque is lower and it can spin at high speed, perfect for optical coherence tomography (OCT) applications. It can also accept custom fibers, primarily fibers with cladding diameter larger than 125 um.

The second picture on the left shows a standard MJP in a drive mechanism (gear) and SC/APC receptacle. We also offer a belt drive version (download drawing near the bottom of the page). Both versions are very convenient for OCT applications. The FORJ is isolated mechanically from the gear and the SC receptacle so the probe won't have any adverse effect on the performance of the FORJ.

Note: All insertion loss and return loss measurements are performed by joining the FORJ to the light source through fusion splice (without the use of connectors). Insertion loss of all receptacle type of FORJs, such as RST, RFC, and RFCX, are measured with connectors of similar type. Their return loss is not measured.

005 MJP Series (Single-channel)

Technical specifications

  • Fiber type

    Singlemode or multimode

  • Wavelength Length

    1310, 1550 nm, or both (850, 1310 nm, or both)

  • Insertion Loss

    <2 dB (typical: <1 dB)

  • Connector

    FC, SC, ST, SMA, LC or /APCs

  • Temperature

    Working: -20 to 65°C; Storage: -25 to 75°C

  • IP-Rating

    IP 50

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