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008 Custom Rotary Union Offshore

With the help of our partner we can deliver standard and customized Rotary Unions to our customers. This Rotary Union is one of our Customized models. This is a single passage rotary union designed for an offshore, underwater environment. The rotary union (swivel) reduces stress and torsion from impacting flexible hoses on a managed pressure drilling (MPD) system during equipment installation, production, ocean currents and other environment conditions. Features include a specialized sealing system designed for a 2" flow path which allows for easy, low-torque swivel movement at full operating pressures.

  • Industry: Oil & Gas
  • Environment: Offshore
  • Options: Load Bearing

008 Custom Rotary Union Offshore

Technical specifications

  • Pressure

    5,000 PSI [345 BAR]

  • Speed

    5 RPM

  • Media Type

    Mud, Other

  • Material

    Carbon / Alloy Steel, Other

  • Through Bore


  • No. of Passages


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