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PN02-153127 RF Rotary Joint

In variety of aerospace, maritime, industrial and automotive applications – in communication and radar systems, Penlink provide highly reliable coax RF rotary joints which work as the part of the solution. Recently, several SatCom terminals and other mobile tracking platforms have been equipped with the low form pactor design we provide our customers with.

The group of components that we provide consists of single, dual and 3 channel RF rotary joints in a frequency range from DC up to 50GHz. We distinguish basically between contacting and non-contacing designs:

In case of contacting rotary joints, the inner and outer conductor of stator and rotor are DC coupled. These rotary joints are used for broafband applicaitons. If a coaxial structure is used, the cut-off frequency depends on the diameter of the coaxial line.

In case of non-contacting rotary joints, RF signals can be transmitted via axial or radial coupling structures. Non-contacting solutions have an exelent lieftime and RF performance for narrow band transmission.

On customer request, coaxial rotary joints can be combined excellently with slip rings for additional low frequency data or power transmission, as well as with Fast Ethernet modules and other transmission modules.

PN02-153127 RF Rotary Joint

Technical specifications

  • Frequency Range

    DC - 4.5GHz

  • Average power (max)


  • VSWR (Max)


  • VSWR WOW (max)


  • Insertion Loss (max)


  • DC Carrying Capability

    0.5A @ 48VDC, full RF avg. power; 2.0A @ 48VDC RF avg. power 5W; 5.0A @ 48VDC, RF avg. power 5W

Channel 2

  • Frequency range: DC - 4.5GHz
  • Average power, max: 10W
  • VSWR, max: 1.5
  • VSWR WOW, max: 0.2
  • Insertion Loss, max: 0.15dB
  • DC Carrying capability, max: 0.5A, 24VDC @ full RF avg. power

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