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I038-02 Custom Servo Drives

High voltage ultra-compact servo drive for industrial applications.

Seamless integration

The i038-02 is an ultra-compact solution providing top performance, advanced networking and built in safety, as well as a fully featured motion controller. The i038-02 servo drive includes support for Panasonic Serial Encoder and a supply voltage of 400 Vdc. This drive was designed for an easy integration due to is small footprint and feedback compatibility.

I038-02 Custom Servo Drives

Technical specifications

  • Continuous Current

    3 ARMS

  • Peak Current

    6 ARMS

  • Supply Voltage

    12-400 VDC

  • Dimensions

    75 x 60 x 14 mm

  • Communications

    USB, RS485, CANopen

  • Motor Type

    DC Brushed, Rotary Brushless, Linear Brushless, Voice Coil

  • Panasonic Serial Protocol
  • High efficiency >97%
  • Built-in motion controller
  • ​CANopen

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