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One of the smallest servo drives in the world with CANopen communications.

Next generation of actuators for industrial applications

Electromechanical actuators are most economical when deployed in a moderate scale in processes where their performance advantages can be a benefit and when the electronics are separate from the actuator to segment and minimize replacement costs.  The trend is clearly toward electromechanical actuators, as they offer more energy efficiency, safety, better control of the motion profile, and lower cost of ownership over the course of the machine’s lifetime.

The i116-09 is one of the smallest servo drive in the world. Based on an innovative design concept to fit into a minimum space, this unit has been designed to precisely drive linear brushless motors and voice coils with integrated motion controller capabilities adding value to our customers actuators.



Pneumatic Actuator Replacement – Engineers have been using pneumatic actuators to move loads for decades. However, while pneumatic component costs are low, maintenance and operating costs can be high. In contrast to pneumatics, electric actuators provide precise control and positioning, help adapt machines to flexible processes and have low operating cost. The i116-09 was designed to fit at the back of a linear voice coil actuator offering outstanding precission at a low cost.


Technical specifications

  • Continuous Current

    3 ARMS

  • Peak Current

    4 ARMS

  • Supply Voltage

    8-24 VDC

  • Dimensions

    20 x 28 x 16 mm

  • Communications

    USB, CANopen, EtherCAT

  • Motor Type

    DC Brushed, Rotary Brushless, Linear Brushless, Voice Coil

  • Miniature size and lightweight
  • High temperature
  • Submicron encoder interface
  • Linear brushless and voice coils
  • RS-232 / CANopen / EtherCAT
  • Standalone operation

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