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Integrated servo drive for brushless motors with integrated hall feedback and standalone capabilities.

Adding value to your product

i144-01 is a 250 W DC servo drive to be integrated directly into brushless motors. It contains a motion controller, communications, I/Os and Hall-sensors (sensors and circuitry) in one small and compact unit which can be mounted directly to the rear of a rotary motor. 



Towards a greener future – Global warming and the drive to minimise greenhouse gas emissions has put the focus on how to make the most of natural energy sources. Solar tracking is an obvious way to improve the efficiency of solar power plants. As the sun moves across the sky, an electric actuator system makes sure that the solar panels follow automatically and maintain the optimum angle to make the most of the sunbeams.
In today’s distributed control design of tracking arrays, brushless DC motors with embedded intelligence can be networked with economic off-the-shelf PLCs having solar tracking function blocks.


Technical specifications

  • Continuous Current

    10 ARMS

  • Peak Current

    30 ARMS

  • Supply Voltage

    12-24 VDC

  • Dimensions

    126 x 51 x 20 mm

  • Communications


  • Motor Type

    Rotary Brushless

  • Ultra-compact 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Onboard hall sensors
  • CANopen / Modbus
  • Built-in customer algorithms
  • Extended temperature range

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