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I167-01 Custom Servo Drive

The i167-01 is a high performance closed loop servo drive designed to be integrated inside brushless motors.

Motor integration

The i167-01 Servo Drive has been designed with efficiency in mind. It incorporates cutting-edge MOSFET technology as well as optimized control algorithms to provide the perfect trade-off between EMIs and efficiency. In a compact design (44 mm x 44 mm), it includes CANopen/EtherCAT, RS-485 and USB communication ports, enabling thus a wide choice of interfacing methods. Its extended nominal voltage range from 9 V to 48 V with a single supply and current up to 7 A continuous allows its use in several applications.

I167-01 Custom Servo Drive

Technical specifications

  • Continuous Current

    7 ARMS

  • Peak Current

    10 ARMS

  • Supply Voltage

    8-60 VDC

  • Dimensions

    44 x 44 x 16 mm

  • Communications

    USB, RS485, CANopen, EtherCAT

  • Motor Type

    DC Brushed, Rotary Brushless, Linear Brushless, Voice Coil

  • Brushless motors
  • CANopen and EtherCAT
  • Built-in absolute encoder
  • Built-in industrial connectors
  • IP67 ready

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