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Triton Go Servo Drive

One of the world's most compact servo drives in its category. Including a built-in motion controller and ready to drive brush and brushless motors in position, velocity and torque mode.


Triton Go module is an OEM servo drive and motion controller ready to control any servo motor. With a footprint of just 43 by 45 mm the Triton Go servo motion controller can drive any motor in position, velocity or torque mode and supports a wide range of feedbacks including SSI absolute, digital halls and quadrature encoders. Ingenia servo drives work seamlessly in companion with your current servo drives from Elmo, AMC or virtually any manufacturer. Its compact size makes it a perfect fit for new applications or the best choice for direct replacement of older units.

Triton Go Servo Drive

Technical specifications

  • Continuous Current

    5.6 ARMS

  • Peak Current

    6.5 ARMS

  • Supply Voltage

    8-48 VDC

  • Dimensions

    43 x 45 x 23.6 mm

  • Communications

    USB, RS485, CANopen, EtherCAT

  • Motor Type

    DC Brushed, Rotary Brushless, Linear Brushless, Voice Coil

  • Drives low inductance motors without additional chokes
  • Free to download MotionLAB, programming and tuning software
  • Compatible with Brushed and Bruslhess DC and AC motors
  • Compatible with Linear Brushless motors and Voice Coils
  • Integrated Motion Controller with Standalone Mode
  • Commanded through USB, CANopen, EtherCAT, PWM or Analog inputs

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