Rotary Joints

Penlink Slip Rings for Stages and DMX lighting

Power and data cables must be safely and reliably guided in the narrowest of installation spaces under the stage floor. This is a place where our slip rings configurated with suitable systems simply shine. The slip ring with it’s 360° transmission of data, power and signals performs successfully and ensures that the power necessary for moving and rotating stage floor is supplied.

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Penlink slip rings delivers reliable data, signal & power during rotation without any tear or tangle!

Today, more than ever, successful theatrical performances feature dynamic interplay between stage components. Parts that are raised, lowered, or directed need the right power and data transmission technologies. Moveable stage lighting battens and lighted acoustic panels require power and control signals to the moving parts.

Control signals and data bus signals are needed for stage lifts. Mobile media towers in the wings require power supply and control for spotlights, transmission of audio signals, and other necessary energy and data transfer. Electrical power, audio, video, and data bus signals must be supplied to revolving stages or rotating props. Everything must run flawlessly, or the show can’t go on!

Our slip rings are designed to be compact and able to be installed in limited spacing and still deliver exceptional data, signals and power transmission. The slip ring can transfer any type of video and audio you might need. With an integrated fiber optical rotary joint the picture and audio for stages gets even better speed and quality for large performances that needs only the best. Our design ensures that the slip ring doesn’t add any extra height to the stage, which can normally be a problem for stability.

DMX lighting solution with slip rings

The reason that the stage lights can achieve dynamic control of the lighting direction and flexible color mixing is due to the rotation of the lamp board. In order to prevent the wire from twisting and winding, an electrical slip ring is installed on the bearing of the stage light.

The slip ring can transmit the needed signals, data and power in a 360 degree freely. Because of the design – the stage lights can rotate smoothly and creates a more flexible and faster positioning in the lights.

We can offer slip rings with IP67 which makes it possible to use the lighting equipment outside. The slip ring also have integrated anti-vibration technologies that make sure that the electrical contact works perfectly. And if you have any worries about heat on stage, it will be no problem, our slip rings can operate in temperature from -25°C up to 75°C.

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Handle your cables with our smart winch solution!

For some stage platforms it is a must for the platform to move freely on the stage with out any cables blocking the way. Our cable reels can be positioned in the back or under the stage controlling the cable length, reeling out or in depending on the needs of the act.

Our reels operate silently and automatically to distribute lighting power cables, DMX cables, and Ethernet cables as light battens move. Our cable is durable and adapted to work in harsh environments, it can handle any temperature and weather extreme conditions. The cable can be run over with cars, attached to the wall, clamped to the wire or hung vertically up to 2 km in a single attachment point. There is no limit to its flexibility in usage.

It is really a great solution for your stage equipment if you need the flexibility in your transmission.