Slip Rings

Penlink solutions for Stacker Applications

We have designed slip rings solutions that work perfectly for any bulk material handling applications. Our slip rings can transfer both power and data signals during rotation, we have Profinet, CAN-bus or 1GB Ethernet for your transmission requirements. For harsh environments, we can make sure that the product is designed to IP66 standard and it can be equipped with internal heaters.

Like all applications we integrate our slip rings in, the blending bed stacker reclaimer will get maximum wear life. Installed with our products we can guarantee you a high-quality performance from your application.

The reclaim bridge is located at ground level and moves into the pile as it reclaims. Simultaneously, a harrow agitates the reclaiming face of the pile, fluidizing the material.

A large diameter screw catches all the falling material, transfers it to the centre area, where it drops through a conical chute onto the reclaim belt. This belt passes under the pile and emerges beyond the edge, maintaining the circular base of the pile without interruption. Our slip rings are integrated into the rotating parts of the stacker and enables it to rotate freely with 360° rotation whilst still sending power, signals and data throughout the application.

We can design the slip rings according to any requirements like size, number of circuits, rings, hollow shaft, operating speed and temperature range. Our slip rings can handle data signals such as Profinet, CAN-bus or 1GB Ethernet. Slip Rings can be designed to IP66 and be equipped with internal heater. If needed, Penlink’s engineers and slip ring experts are available to help you with design choices and suggestions.

Stacker Reclaimer Solution

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Configuration of a slip ring, data, fiber brush technology & environmental protection.

Harsh Environments

Our slip rings are designed for harsh environments. With years of experience from producing industrial, military and the offshore slip rings, we design our stacker slip rings to fulfil your expectations. The slip rings are offered in stainless steel, with protection up to IP66. We equip the slip rings with internal heaters to remove condensation.

Circuits Configuration

By using our modified standard technology, we can tailor the product to fit your requirements, without escalating costs. Our slip ring brush technology allows disturbance free Ethernet communication with up to 1gb ethernet. The slip ring can also be in combination with power and control signals in the same unit without disturbance.

Maintenance Free

Our slip rings are designed with fiber brushes, which offers great advantages over traditional composite coal brushes. With a service free lifetime of over 80 000 000 revolution, and without dust or debris inside the slip ring that needs to be cleaned, our slip ring is completely maintenance free.