Standard Slip Rings

Penlink Slip Rings for Mobile Applications

Penlink offers solutions that handles high shock and vibration, perfect for mobile applications and harsh environments. The slip rings we offer are of high quality, operates with stable performance and transfers both signals (CAN Bus, DeviceNET, Ethernet, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and other protocols on request) and power with a 360°degree rotary transmission.

Wide range of configurations of the slip rings design, both outside and inside.

Penlink has wast experience in swivel solutions for mobile application (electrical and hydraulics). We supply complete packages with electrical slip rings and hydraulic rotary unions. We can help customers streamline existing solutions and assist you with the design of new applications. Penlink offers complete solutions that can be integrated with encoders (angle transducers).

Our staff have designed slip rings and hydraulic rotary unions for excavators and cranes that are ready to be used in both existing and future applications. Working with Penlink is flexible and cost-effective, our staff will help you to reach your requirements, goals and expectations

  • Available in IP65/67 (dust and water resistance).

  • Tolerance to high shock and vibration.

  • Integration of swivel and encoder.

  • Harnessing of cables and connectors.

  • CAN Bus, video and power through electrical slip ring.

  • Service free (80 Million+ revolutions/ lifetime).

  • Modification of mechanical interface for easy installation.

Transfer Options

Transfer options can be tailored made to fit the power and signals needed to be transferred.

Video signals, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, DUAL HD-SDI and 3G HD-SDI can be transferred through the slip ring. Data bus systems such as Profinet, Profibus, Ethercat and 1GB Ethernet are supported. Options to transfer RF signals is available.

Housing, Material & IP-Rating

Depending on application the housing material can be chosen to be engineering plastics, aluminum, steel or stainless steel. IP ratings up to IP67 for dust and water resistance.

Penlink will support in the design phase to find the appropriate level of housing and IP class for the intended application.

Through Bore

Through bores up to 500 mm is available. Penlink will support to find the best possible slip ring set up. Having a through bore opens up for a wide range of installation and integration possibilities.


Can be custom made to fit the customer's interface. There is no limit to how the flange can be designed. We will design the slip rings shape to meet your requirements.

Circuit Rings

The circuit rings are constructed with highly conductive alloys with an option of gold-plated conductors. Circuits can, if needed, be parallel connected to achieve the specified current within the desired envelope of the slip ring.

From 2A up to 400A per circuit. The contact is made of fibres with a life span of minimum 80 million revolutions. This is maintenance free and does not produce any debris or dust.


All available connectors on the open market can be fitted to the slip ring circuits. Connectors can also be built into the slip ring to get an easy to replace design.