Lars & TMS

Used in Offshore Operations

Slip rings with combined fiber optic rotary joint for both topsides and submerged use are necessary for the ROV industry. Penlink offers a wide range of customized rotary transmission solutions. Our submerged slip rings are designed specifically for oil filled operation, therefore the slip ring length can be reduced.

For topside LARS, we add heaters in the slip ring to remove any moisture if the customer decides not to oil fill the slip ring. With our long life slip rings, the necessary services intervals are reduced (removed) allowing reduced downtime in your applications/operations.

Did you know we can integrate an encoder into the rotary package?

Application Features
  • Compliance with the highest quality standards for design, manufacture and test
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Integration with electric, fiber optic rotary joints and fluid rotary unions to provide a complete rotating interface solution
  • Rugged design intended for harsh environments
  • Reliable operation under shock and vibration
  • Reduced length in the submerged slip ring
  • Wide configurable electric slip ring
  • Design according to your requirements

Example of products used in these applications