Keskitymme työssämme erityisesti tuotteiden korkeaan luotettavuuteen, kustannustehokkuuteen ja korkeaan laatuun.

Tarjoamme laajan valikoiman ratkaisuja kaikissa tuoteryhmiemme tuotteissa kuten liukurenkaat, pyörivät hydrauliset liittimet, anturit, gyroskoopit, hämäränäkökamerat sekä servokomponentit kuten tasavirtamoottorit ja servo-ohjaimet.

Our Selection of Products

Rotary joints, Encoders, inertia sensors, electro-optics and servo components are our main focus. We offer a wide range of solution for all products in each group, such as slip rings, swivels, encoders, gyroscopes, low light imaging and servo components (such as DC motors & drives).

Integrated Slip Ring Solution

For Satcom-Platforms

This custom rotary joint offers a large bore electrical slip ring to provide data, power and communication to a SATCOM-platform. The large bore offers the possibility to put through fiber optic communication or/and RF channels. Integrated with a high accuracy low profile encoder it not only insures easy integration but also reliability in the system.

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3-Axis Tactical Grade Gyroscope

Platform Stabilization

We are delighted to introduce to you our latest productthe 3-Axis Tactical Grade Gyroscope. With a digital output, the GI-CVG-A23XXD allows users to make accurate measurements of three orthogonal rate rotations.

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I195A Custom Servo Drive

Next Generation Mobile Radars

The i195A is a highly reliable servo drive designed for the direct drive of radar antennas at low speeds and high accuracy. The i195A is a high performance servo drive designed to drive mobile radar antennas. It includes an ultra-efficient power stage and EMI filtering to pass the most restrictive regulations.

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Magnetic Encoder HS44

Replaces Competitive Models without Rewiring

The HS44 offers high performance, magnetic durability and moisture resistance in a compact package with drop-in ease of replacement at a great value. Our HS44 encoders are a direct fit for 12mm, 16mm and 17mm (10:1 taper) generator (and motor) center-bolt shaft systems. The optional ceramic bearings offer high voltage isolation from shaft currents.

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