Fiber-Optical Rotary Joints

Optical Transmission

Fibre-optic rotary joints (FORJs) are the optical equivalent to electric slip rings. They allow for the uninterrupted transmission of optical signals while rotating around their shaft. 

FORJs are widely used in the telecommunications industry and in defence technology, such as with radars, robotic systems, oil drilling, unmanned craft, sensors, and other applications that require continuous rotation.

Single Channel

The most cost and size efficient options are the single channel designs. Since fiber optic offers almost endless of bandwidth you can multiplex your required signals and run them through one single fiber.

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Multi Channel

Our Fiberoptic Rotary Joints (FORJs) are compact multi-channel products. They are ideal when combined with electrical slip rings or RF rotary joints or when space is tight in general.

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Hybrid – Electrical & Optical

This unit is for the ideal to integrate into an electrical slip ring for submerged use. Pressure compensation is standard for the unit and suitable for deepsea operations.

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