Magnetic Encoders

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These sensors use resistors that are sensitive to magnetic fields. When a rotor with magnetic poles is sensed, a sine wave is generated which is then converted to a square wave. This pick-up is more sensitive and thus can operate from 2 to 8192 PPR depending on the model being used. They require a power supply which permits operation down to zero speed and can drive cable lengths up to 2000 feet!

Our partner's Wide-Gap magnetoresistive technology resists interference from motors and brakes, and eliminates sensor scraping damage.

Explosion Safe Encoders

The modular incremental quadrature rotary encoders are a breakthrough in hazardous duty encoders to fit large shaft applications. They are ATEX/IECEx and cULus approved and offer incredibly reliable no-bearing construction! 

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Heavy Mill Duty Encoders

Our heavy mill duty modular magnetic encoders fit up to standard  12.5" C-Face motors and 12.5" flanges commonly used for NEMA brake mounting.

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Light Mill Duty Encoders

Our light mill duty modular magnetic encoders are cost efficient and easy to install. Did you know Bullseye32™ (AV32) encoders eliminate the top culprits that cause encoder failures: there are no bearings...

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