Rotary Joints

Hydraulic & Electric transfer

Our Rotary Joints delivers remarkable power in the most harsh environments. We can supply you with a wide variety of solutions, everything from standard "off-the-shelf", modified to custom design.

Electrical Slip Rings

We have a wide range of standard, modified and customized solution. We can modify anything you need for your product and application.

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Rotary Unions

Our rotary unions reliably sealed and can transfer fluid such as water, air, hydraulic oil, coolant and other media types from stationary sources to rotating parts.

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Fiber Optical Rotary Joints

The Fiber Optical Rotary Joint (FORJ) allow for uninterrupted transmission of optical signals while rotating around their shaft. Our components are the best on the market.

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Integrated Solutions

Penlink has the capability to provide the services of integrated rotary joint solutions! These integrated solutions can be designed based on a sketch or an idea...

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Cable Reels

Motorised cable reels provided by Penlink are technologically advanced and sturdily designed – for both continuous operation in ports and container terminals.

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RF Rotary Joint

We offer non-contacting rotary joints that are extremely long-lived, they are also available as coaxial and waveguide units.

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Brushes for Slip Rings

We can develop and manufacture wind power carbon brushes in copper and silver designed for use in extreme environments.

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