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Oil & Gas solutions

Custom Rotary Union Project

2 passage rotary union designed to transfer hydraulics and electrical signals to a hose reel application. Features include an electrical slip ring, custom cap and electrical connections on the housing and shaft. This unit is meant for the Oil & Gas industry. 

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Camera solutions


Using a 1280 x 1024 InGaAs sensor, and cooling it to -15C, the Ninox 1280 offers visible extension from 0.4µm to 1.7µm to enable high sensitivity scientific imaging. The 10µm x 10µm pixel pitch enables the highest resolution imaging...

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Electrical Encoder solutions


The Electric Encoder™ is unique in being holistic, i.e., its output reading is the averaged outcome of the whole area of the rotor , This feature makes the Electric Encoder™ forgiving to mounting tolerances, mechanical wander etc..

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Emergency solutions


DC brush torque motors provide a simple solution for systems making a limited number of turns all along their life (e.g. emergency actuation and ammunition actuation systems). They power high torque direct drives while...

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Inertia Sensor Land Solutions


The GI-CVG-N1100D (digital output) is built with Coriolis technology to deliver true tactical grade performance in a small lightweight package. With an improved Angular Random Walk and an excellent short-term bias stability, the GI-CVG-N1100D is a perfect fit to for Land Based Platforms.

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