Time of Flight Detector (TOF)

Advanced Performance TOF Detectors

Together with our partner we can provide a wide range of Time of Flight (TOF) detectors to support portable, ultra-fast and bi-polar instruments. Each TOF detector from our partner is designed to provide the most accurate sample analysis and includes our unique TruFlight MCPs. We will work with you to ensure your detector is equipped to meet your exact specifications.

  • Superior analysis
  • Precise measurement
  • Ultra-fast and bi-polar solutions
  • Maximize mass resolution


Each TOF detector we design together with our partner are customized to provide the best temporal and spatial resolution, highest mass sensitivity, and greatest dynamic range available. Our partner specialize in working closely with TOF-MS system designers to understand the requirements needed in each instrument to provide the longest-lasting, accurate detectors specifically designed for each instrument.

Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry has become the most widely used technique for identifying very large organic molecules. Recently, companies have started designing tabletop and portable TOF-MS instruments as the market has shifted. In this presentation, you will learn more about the origins of TOF-MS and how our detectors support these instruments. Learn more

Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry requires a detector that can accurately and efficiently measure the flight patterns of charged particles. In this presentation, you will learn how our BiPolar TOF detectors can be separated to detect either positive or negative ions. Through our testing, it was concluded that microchannel plate segmentation can be used in array applications in place of multiple point detectors.

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